Rving up north during the winter

Does anyone have any advice regarding rving in the winter time up north. We are moving from Florida to Wisconsin and we use our RV for our job. We'll be covering 6 states and at times will be traveling during the winter months and obviously storing it up north. Would appreciate any advice regarding this matter.

Rving up north during the winter

Welcome to the " NORTH " You must always drain and winterize all lines that have/had water in them .I fill mine with RV antifreeze (pink stuff found at wal-mart in RV section) . I remove all food ,(dry and canned)and perishables of course. I leave the refrig. door open so the mold thing does not start . You say travel in winter, If your going to using this you might think about keeping it heated all winter, that would eliminate having to winterize every time you come back home . I have a shore line set up at home when are 5er is here and I have 2 100 # propane bottles here also to run heat. our 5er stays at our seasonal campsite yearround unless we go somewhere at which time I need the hook-up at home to pack and checkout the rv. I have a 300# propane tank at the campsite so we have plenty of fuel late into the winter if we use the trailer. hope this gives you some ideas TEAM3360
Rving up north during the winter

If you are going to be using your rig in winter months and it has exposed tanks underneath, you should get tank warmers for your holding tanks and heat tape for your valves. Always use your onboard water tank for water (fill when needed and drain your hose.). Keep extra LP on hand, a small gen set near in case of power failure and gasoline. If you will be sitting still for some time skirt you rig. This is some of the stuff we do up here in Washington state.