Sagging over cab


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New to this site and thanks for having me.

My question is about a 2006 Gulfstream Ultra Super C with 12,000 miles on it.The bunk over the cab seems to be sagging a bit,and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem,and;if so,had any suggestions for it.Since my warranty is up,and Gulfstream doesn't seem to responsive for this problem,I wanted to see what I can or should do with this.
The odd thing is the bunk inside seems to be level,and it very rarely gets used.
Any help on this is appreciated greatly.


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Re: Sagging over cab

Darren, welcome to the forum!

I have a class C. On mine the floor for the bunk is the ceiling for the cab. Then there are foam matresses that go up there. Do you mean the floor is sagging?

Since I'm not familiar with your model, I'm not understanding what is sagging.

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Re: Sagging over cab

I am not familiar with this product either, but Gulf Stream will back their units better than most manufactures. If you really have something out of order, let them know.