Salem 5th wheel??


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Wondering if there's any info out there...I have a 1994 "Salem by Cobra" 5th wheel and I'm looking for a manual for the RV. I've searched for the manufacturer on the internet but I can only assume that they are no longer in business!? :( Does anyone know where one might look for Salem 5th wheel information? I'm new to Rving and have numerous questions on what to do and what not to do. Thank you.

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Salem 5th wheel??

Cobra sold to Forest River in 1996. You might call them, but I doubt there is a manual laying around. A while back there was another post looking for a similar manual and I think they said they had called with no luck.
If you are looking for a general operations manual, they might send you a new one. Some things might not have anything to do with your trailer, but a lot has not changed.