Sales Tax when buying an RV

I live in Washington State, Oregon State next door has no sales tax. I'm wondering if I can save a lot of sales tax by buying a truck camper in Oregon, or if Washington will hit me up for some "Value Tax" or some such thing. Since the $30 car tabs, I know things have changed. Any Washington residents out there that have done this?

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Sales Tax when buying an RV


I cannot answer for certain about Washington and Oregon, but I will tell you what happened to me. In the last two months, I purchased a new truck in Mississippi, and a new fifth wheeler in Florida, where taxes are lower. I live in Alabama.

When I bought my tags for the truck and the fifth wheeler, Alabama charged me the difference in taxes. It's a case of "pay me now or pay me later". You can't get the best of the "tax man" or the "grim reaper". They both will get you sooner or later.



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Sales Tax when buying an RV

Dave, I was going to register my coach in Montana, no sales tax, but my insurance said I had to insure the coach in the state or go thru a ins. broker! I paid the sales tax & stayed with my local insurance. But if I was going get a new Blue Bird-ha, I would buy a few acre's in Montana as part-year resident and save 30k. Rick
Sales Tax when buying an RV

I don't think so.

You pay taxes where your "legal address" is. Buyin a couple of achers somewhere and livein somewhere else "ain't" gonna do it. I bought a sail boat and keep er on the Chesapeake. I payed Pa tax for er. Maryland they wanted me to pay them tax also because I keep er in Maryland. Because my legal res is in Pa I didn't have to but they sure tried.


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Sales Tax when buying an RV

The answer is yes,washington will hit you up for the sales tax. I've been a Wash reisdent for 28 years