sanitizing and draining


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I'm trying to sanitize my Jayco 29y TT. I've never done it before and am somewhat clueless when it comes to rv-ing. I mixed the required bleach ratio and let it sit the required time. When I filled the water tank I used the gravity feed receptacle and actually found a new Low point drain below the slide out. When the gravity feed tank was full water came out what I'm assuming was an overflow hose. Now to drain the tanks do I open them up (low-point drains)and turn on the water pump until water stops coming out? When water stopped coming out the two rear low-point drains I shut off the water pump but water still kept coming out of the new low-point drain I found under the slide out. Ive used the trailer twice and each time I've left the campground I've only opened the two rear low-point drains and when water stopped coming out I would leave. I never used the water pump to drain anything. So have I been traveling with water? Does the water pump also drain the water heater? Both the trailer and Atwood water heater manuals aren't very detailed so I'm frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


sanitizing and draining

I assume you are talking about the fresh water tank, How much does it hold for starters. How long has the water been in it :question: Do you plan on using it for drinking/potable water :question: jsut some questions.
Personally I use bottled water for drinking and cooking. Don't always trust camp ground water or city for that fact :blush: