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Im new to RVing and have a problem with Tv reception. Basically where the Unit is there is no tv or cable. I was going to get Sat for my home and take the receiver to the RV when I go. Home and RV are only 61 Miles apart. I cannot get any answers to the questions I have from the Sat Companies.
I have been told you cannot use the cable jack on the outside of the RV to hook up the sat system. The reason given is because the RV has a splitter and Sat will not work with a splitter. I have been told that I have to run the cable through a window or drill a hole somewhere to connect it to the Sat Rec. I have to run separate cables to each tv I want to use. I cannot use the existing system which feeds three TV's.
Any info would be appreciated.

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Re: Sat TV Hookup

Bill, I had the same problem. Called the company that made the antenna on mine and they told me what to do at the splitter box. Simply to do and worked.


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Re: Sat TV Hookup

Bill, my newer RV was wired with SAT in mind so the dealer said I could use the outside connection. However, I found that the multi-switch at the TV would not pass the SAT frequencies.

So, I just disconnected the outside wire at the switch and hooked it direct to the SAT receiver. The regular rooftop antenna is still connected and works. The downside is that I can't hook an RV site's CABLE connection to the outside input, because it only goes to the SAT receiver.

Whatever you end up doing, try the easy way first. Most newer RV's are wired with RG6 coaxial cable (I hope that's right.) This allows SAT frequencies to pass to each TV's SAT receiver if needed.


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Re: Sat TV Hookup

Or if you need the CABLE connection very often, there is a short piece of 'flat' coax with fitting designed to pass a TV signal through a window while it is closed. I saw it at Camping World.


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Re: Sat TV Hookup

Sat will work with a splitter but your antenna/cable system in a RV is grounded and a sat system cnnot be. The best thing to do is run your wire to you electrical hatch Through th cabinets to a location neat the TV/sat bix