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Please help! We are going full time starting in a few months. We have a satalite dish installed on our rv. The problem is without having a home base, how do we get satalite service for our rv? We've checked out direct and dish and they are telling us we need a home base for there service. Are there are satalite service out there that doesn't need a home base to get service?


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satalite service

Why not use your current home as your home base? Once you are set up, 'move' to your forwarding address (Escapees, etc).
satalite service

I'd use my current address, get a receiver compatable with my MH system, set the billing up to automatically charge to a credit card and when ready for full time move the receiver to the MH and never look back; doubt the satellite company would even care.


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satalite service

True!, Once you set the billing to your Credit Card automatically you are free. Take the Directv, or Dish Network Box to the camper and your in business. You won't have local channels however.
satalite service

I have a Dishnet four receiver system in my home. I have Model 311 receivers. I purchased a Safari with a Datron Cruise STS, in-motion, satellite dome. I took one of my receivers from the house and tried it in the MH. It would just show the screen "searching for Satellite". I called Dishnet and they said I needed to reset the receiver with the remote for the Datron dish. They said they could explain how to use the remote to do this over the phone. However, they would not tell me how to do this until I set up a new account for the MH. They want me to pay for service and programing at both home and HM. That dosen't seem fair unless I can be in both places at the same time. Does anyone know how to reset the receivers?
satalite service

If you have dish network and a 311 box theres a reset on the front of the receiver , push and hold till the receiver goes off and comes back on, this will reset the receiver, then hit menu on the remote,that brings up a list , one should say "system setup" hit that, next list "install", next list "point dish", next page will give you your settings by zip code( you enter zip code from area you are in and it will give you the settings for the dish set up. (I'm not familier with your dish set up or how to set up your dish.Can you give it the settings (angle,skew,azmerth) and it will set up itself.)if so I think you have to scroll to the check switch button , and press that. When I set mine up, I called the local dish network store in my town, (privately owned) not the 800 number you called and I had the local guy set up my dish . I bought my dish (dish 500 pro, same as at home) from him and he came out and set up my 5er at the campground, and only charged me $35.00 labor. You may need to do that but I'm not sure. DONT CALL DISH NETWORK 800 # CALL YOUR LOCAL DISH NET INSTALLER (LOOK IN YOU PHONE BOOK) AND CALL THE LOCAL GUY HE CAN SET IT UP. HOPE THIS HELPS LEE