Satellite TV via laptop

[Charlie Van Raden] We are planning to buy a laptop and would like to watch satellite TV on it. We are concerned about the quality of the picture. Does anyone have experience with this and if so what manufacturer and model of laptop would you recommend? Any help would be appreciated.
Satellite TV via laptop

[Rob Kasper, KCMO] I have a Dell 7500 Inspiron with a 15.2 inch XGA Display. I bought a Wonder USB TV unit so I could hook up to the Starband Satellite at work to watch March Madness Basketball earlier this year. The unit works well and allows you to watch TV while surfing the net or working in any applications. The picture is very clear in various smaller non-full screen views. When viewing full screen the picture is good if you get back away from the screen. Kind of like watching a projection TV. The Wonder USB TV unit also lets you use live TV as your desktop similar to a screen saver. I have been pleasantly satisfied.

The only thing that I am not happy about is the program guide software system. The program guide works perfectly with cable TV or normal Broadcast TV but will not work with Satellite TV. This is not a big deal since Satellite TV has its own program Guide.

I am extremely happy with the Dell Inspiron notebook computer. I have used several brands (Toshiba, Sony, Gateway and IBM). I feel that Dell has the best service of all of the brands I have used. You normally talking with a technical support person if necessary within 3 to 5 minutes. The need for technical support has usually been due to my lack of knowledge or lack of good information of Microsoft help files. I have used my Dell indoors and out. It has performed perfectly in extreme heat and extreme cold. I am a Construction Manager and have been on remote job sites with 200 feet of phone cord stretched across snow covered ground with the notebook resting on top of a wod rail fence post. Holding the notebook with one hand and faxing to my office with the other. I quit using a desktop computer at the office since the Pentium 650 processor blows the doors off most of the desktop in my office any way. I hope this has been helpful.