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My wife and I are about to embark upon our fulltiming adventure which has been a long awaited dream. Our rig will be equipped with a DSS system but we are not familiar with satellite TV services. Does anyone recommend a service and, if so, why.

Thanks for any help we may get -- we certainly appreciate it!

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Satellite TV

I have heard that Dish network is more friendly to the RV community and have some type of form for local programming. Good luck & let us know the outcome.

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Satellite TV

Marshall, I have the dish and have not had any problem. I just take my box out of the house and take it with me in the rv. I have a extra dish I leave in the trailer. Never had to call , just look for other dish satellites in the campground and point mine in the same direction and the wife tells me when I have the signal. Can't rent movies w/out telephone hookup. If you have the zip code of where you are camped, the setup screen will give all the angles. I have not tried mine out of state. Good luck

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Satellite TV

Marshall, we have the Dish Network. When we added SAT to the trailer, we just bought another receiver and dish, and Dish Network added it to our home bill for 4.95 a month.

And if I am not mistaken, Dish Network and Direct TV are, or will become the same company.


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Satellite TV

I have been using DSS in my MH for over a year now with no probs. Just take the 5 dollar a month bedroom unit out to MH and plug in. Since the bedroom unit doesn't plug into a phone line, every now and then on a whim it seems, DSS will shut off my HBO, Cinemax etc and I will have to call them, hook it up to the phone line to show them that I still own it and they will turn it back on. Seems if it doesn't "call home" on some schedule known only to them, they assume it has been stolen or is being used somewhere else that it shouldn't be I am not sure of all their security precautions. It's a little hassle every 2 or 3 months, but other wise works fine. Actually you can rent movies on the road if you are careful to plug it into the phone line for a day or so when you get back so it can download the charges. You could just keep storing the charges and never down load, but I understand that eventually it will "fill up" or something and just quit. Never have pushed it. I have however, waited as long as several months to hook up to the phone line after watching a pay per view. The system just downloads the info when you hook up and you get charged on your next bill.

Actually I have found that DSS is perhaps the least customer friendly of the companies and seem to always want to charge you 90 bucks for that infernal card. Seems like no matter what you call about, they want 90 bucks for a card! Exaggerating a little bit here, they really are not all that bad, just not the best they could be!

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