Scooters to carry while traveling by RV


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Has anyone purchased a scooter Boreem 250W from Two Guys Selling on E-Bay. I have been watching bids which always seem to end at close to the $259 immediate purchase price. They picture well,describe attractive and price very good, or so I believe. If anyone has purchased how do you feel about the quality of the scooter?


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Scooters to carry while traveling by RV

Note that this seller has a reserve price, somewhere between $175 and $200. With patiance, you might get it that low. Auctions which end below the reserve price are null and void, although there have been cases where a seller contacts you unofficially and offers it to you at your price. The seller has 240 positive or neutral ratings from previous buyers, with 4 negative (2 in the last week). Much of their business seems to be knives/swords. They do not respond to bad feedback in the ratings. I'm not sure that the near-naked girls in their advertising is necessary. There are other sellers which do not have a reserve, so you could possibly get it less, but check their feedback first, of course.

The scooter 'looks' pretty good on screen, but I've not seen one. Note that there appears to be NO factory warrenty. This seller offers a 'limited 90 day warrenty' which may or may not be worth anything (it may cost more in shipping to get an exchange than a new one costs).

A hint for shopping auctions - get a low bid in early, then hold off on your real bid until just before closing.