seal around tv ant.

I need to reseal around my TV ant. and vents on top of my 24Ft wilderness travel trailer was wanting to know the best sealer to use and where to get it.


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seal around tv ant.

Welcome to the forum. I use "Plas-T-Coat" and it works just great. Easy to put on and so far has held up great. I'm sure others may have their favorites. I don't like to use Silicon, because it eventually gets black and looks cruddy.
Good luck :)


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seal around tv ant.

It just depends upon what your roof is made of. If it is of EDPM or rubber, then you should be sure to use a self leveling caulk that is made for it. Dicor is the best product, but there are others that cost less. No matter what type of roof you have, a self leveling caulk is the best because it will fill in the gaps as it cures.
seal around tv ant.


I have used Plas-T-Coat with good luck. Just make sure that you apply it when it is warm. According to the mfg. website Plas-T-Coat can be used on both fiberglass and rubber roofs.

Good luck on plugging up the leak.