Seam sealing for pop up

Thought I posted this already, but didn't see it go up. Anyhow, we've had the Coleman up for several days packing it up and we're pretty happy about our future camping. For the first few sprinkles, no problems.

Last night, however, DOWNPOURS! Rain came in from two different seams. Now, I had used this sealant from Walmart on the inside - failed. I noticed on the seams is this white plastice stuff that is flaking off. I'm thinking it is some kind of old sealant.

There aren't any holes in the canvas, but what kind of sealant should I use and how should I apply it? Inside, outside or both? Do I need to take the old sealant off?


Re: Seam sealing for pop up

When we camped in a tent, we used Kenyon Seam Sealer 3. We used the same product on the tent ends of our hybrid Trail-Lite trailer, and we never had any leaks. Try to take off any old sealant (stiff brush?) and apply to the inside.

Hope this helps - wet beds are no fun!

Re: Seam sealing for pop up

Thanks so much! We tried that at first, and the Kenyon didn't work (I've no idea why). But, the good news, clear silicone caulking has worked VERY well! Whew, I'm so glad. You are right. Wet ANYTHING is no fun. I'm just glad it was the seams and not the roof! Egads!



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Re: Seam sealing for pop up

Trishy, Hope your clear silicon doesn't turn yellow down the road and start to flake off. Watch it closely.