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My wife and I have been RVing for about 10 years now but this year we decided to get a seasonal site. as this is the first time I will be leaving my RV in one place for an entire season, how should I prepare my RV? should I jack it off the tires or is covering them enough? any other advice would be very welcome.


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I also seasonal camp with my family and we leave the wheels on. My trailer (25' Mallard) has leveling jacks on the 4 corners so I placed a cinder block under each and leveled it that way-with the blocks I only have to crank the levelers down a little bit. The people with larger campers also place supports in a couple of places on the frame along the middle of the camper but, at only 25', the corners are enough to keep mine steady. Another tip is using PVC piping to connect the black water tank to the sewer, It's an easy project and it makes dumping the tank a snap.


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Re: seasonal first timer

If you don't jack the tires off the ground, put boards or plastic leveler blocks under them. It seems tires do better if they aren't touching the ground. The tire covers also help.


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I have a seasonal site and my new trailer was set up by Kenneth of Grandview Trailer Sales (GTS)- you will see him being very helpful on this forum. You can see pictures of my set up at - basically, there is a gravel base with boards under the wheels and cinderblocks under the stabilizer jacks. I have covers on the tires as well. I am not planning on moving the trailer until I either win the lottery or buy another one from GTS!