seat belt problem


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We purchased a 2002 32ft. c-class motorhome new in June of 2002. After 1 yr. we were on a trip to Texas. My wife decided to take over driving for me. We were in Arkansas at 4:00 am. Needless to say there was nobody on the road out there at that time. When she got into the drivers seat,and positined it to a comfortable position, the seatbelt was resticted by the after market seat that was installed by the R.V. manufacturer. We feel that this is an unsafe situation. If you lean forward to get change or turn off radio ect. The seat belt will not travel back to be snug on your body. The rep told me theres R.V.s are built for the average size driver. She is 5'-4" 130lbs. This is average. We do not know what to do. A letter has been sent to the C.E.O. of the company and every one else who might care but we have not gotten a reply as of yet. Any advice will help. Also have a leak in front cab over area that they can not find. Also hood exaust vent leaks too. It was adjusted 2 times A bad designe. Also furnace comes on with the thermostat in the OFF position!! Because this does not happen all the time they can not fix it . The warrentee manager has seen the furnace go on twice but can not duplicate the problem .Any advise is appreciated on this matter also. It really is a shame when you spend a lot of your hard earned$$ and this all happens to an R.V. after a YEAR!! Thanks DeanH.
seat belt problem

Can't really help with anything else, but will tell you our experience with the "leak"! Our leak was in the overhead by the cab-over bed, also, and we spent countless trips to the dealer to get it fixed. No luck.

One day, I'm moving the rig, and I'm practically drowned when the RV leans a little one way; the water just poured down from the overhead above the drivers seat. We found out that the leak had gone on so long (before we got it, probobly why the original owners sold it with only 9000 miles on it) that it had filled the space up below the overhead bed (we didn't realize they could hold water so well up there), like a hot tub! When it leaned, it went over the "rim"! It was so full, that when it was parked on a level, it was coming up from under the mattress and getting it wet from the bottem!

We drilled holes across the front of the underside of the overhang to let the water drain; it took 30 minutes to get it all out.

The point of my story is; we found our leak was coming from the gutter. The water was running out the end of the gutter right into the seam that goes across the top of the RV in the front part of our RV. The water was so strong coming out of the gutter that it wore out the silicone (or whatever is used to seal the seams) in the seam.

The hubby cut the gutter off about 4 inches back, so that it drains out before it gets anywhere near the seam, and re-sealed the seam. Now it hasn't been wet inside since.

Give that a look, and good luck!
seat belt problem

Thank you I will look into that. I appreciate any advice I can get, If I have any questions I will e-mail you back if you do not mind. :)