Hubby and I are new to RVing and we took our 1979 Pace Arrow out for the first time last weekend. The driver's area is very small, making it quite uncomfortable for my 6'6" husband. The seats look like they're original and we plan to replace them so I'm wondering whether there are seats out there that will slide back further than normal seats? Or will we need to move the pedestal the seat is fastened to? Thanks very much in advance!



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Welcome to the Forum, Lori. yes, there are seats that slide just like in a car. In an older rig like yours (I have a 89 Winn Chieftain), I'd check the junk yards for seats before I'd pay top dollar for new seats. You can always put a cover over them if material is worn, but rest of the seat is in good working order. Make sure that behind the drivers seat that there is room to slide it back (if you find a slider seat). Friend of mine, had to remove small wall behind set where dinette seat was (the back of the seat) in order to make room for the drivers seat to slide back. Good luck and let us know how it went. ;)

Thanks Archer. Sorry for the delayed response; it's been nuts 'round our house and I'm only now getting back online. My brother-in-law also suggested the RV "graveyard" for seats so I expect we'll eventually get around to checking that out. Thanks again!