Seeking advice to start renting RV


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Hello to everyone,

We seek any advice that this community is willing and has time to spare to offer to two Italian families, both with one daughter (2 x 4 y.o.) who are renting and experiencing an RV holiday for their very first time.

We want to visit Grand Canyon or Yosemite or Yellowstone or other National parks in the US. We have 2 weeks (any time of the year).

The two little girls are friends and can sleep in the same bed but the two couples would prefer some intimacy (separate compartment?). Of course cost is a parameter and agility of the vehicle a big concern (only one of us has a lorry driving license but unsure if the International Driving Licence will endorse that permit).

We understand that our requirements are contrasting (two separate sleeping compartments vs agility) so we can compromise.

We seek advice on the best rental companies, vehicle size, options to ask for (we want 4 mountain bikes with seats for the little girls), and really any other advice, recommendation, items to consider, what's important and what is not, dangers, laws, regulations, etc., etc..

Basically anything that you would say to friends who are jumping into this experience for the first time and who find even know what questions to ask!

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise that you will share with us.