Selling RV

Does anyone have good suggestions about good timing and methods to sell a motorhome. We live in Florida and currenmtly have one for sale and are not getting any response from local newspaper ad. I wondering if the timing is poor and/or if some other media might be better? Web sites , ebay RVtraderonline etc.
Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.


C Nash

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Selling RV

Hi Nelson
Bad time of year to sell unless you are willing to sell cheaper :( IMO. You could post on this web site under classifieds and reach a larger buying market than the local papers. Trader on line is also a good seller. When I am looking I want to see pictures,inside, outside, price, condition and all options. The more info the better. :approve: Somewhere out there is someone looking for just what you are selling :) Good luck and let us know how you come out.
Selling RV

Hi -- I live in deep south also, and find that people seem to buy RV's more in spring/summer than any other time. Good luck to you :)