Sewer Solution feedback

[Joe M] While surfing the web the other day, I came upon this site for dumping your holding tanks. The gadget hooks to the dump connection of the rv and injects water to the solids, breaking them up so that all you need is a 3/4" hose. It also claims to flush out the hose after dumping so that cleanup is simple. Since I am new to rving, and have not had the pleasure to dump my tanks yet, I was hoping someone has had experience with this device and could give me some feedback. Thank You.
Joe M
Sewer Solution feedback

[Rod] Joe,
I have seen the device you are talking about but never used it. But I can tell you that after countless times at dump stations I have never had a problem getting the tank empty. The worst thing that I&#039ve run into was when the slope of the pad did not run toward the dump hole. Then I just jacked up the side of the trailer to force the sewage to run the right way. Of course my leveling jacks are welded to the frame so all that is involved is turning the crank.

Usually we spend about 20 minutes dumping. I sometimes fill a 5 gallon water carrier with water to dump into the toilet when the tank is as empty as I can get it and this seems to flush out anything else in the tank. And remember to dump your gray water last to flush out anything that might be in the sewer hose.

Personally I think that there are a lot of unneccessary gadgets out there for RV&#039s. After time you will see ones that will really be convenient, but most of them a person could do without. And I always remember the more stuff I think I need the more I have to haul around.

Welcome to RVing......
Sewer Solution feedback

[Chris] Joe I would just use the standard sewer hose, it works fine. One tip, I bought an 8&#039 length of vinyl gutter (you know from your house roof), cut it in half, and it makes a great ramp for the dreaded poo pipe. The two lengths allow adjustment for different distances from sewer connection.