Shades and curtains


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We are wrestling with the day/night shades in our coach. While the roman style day/night shades work well most of the time - especially in the bedroom area - there are times when "I" - would rather enjoy opening the curtain and actually being able to "look" out.

Once in a while - it would be nice to be able to see just a "little" more from a side window when driving. Mind you - I have absolutely no problem driving and backing using the mirrors and backup monitor - but the niceness of having that extra option is a thought.

Bottom line is this ---- browsing through other motorhomes I noticed one this morning that had what appears to be curtains mounted on a rod (travis or not I could not tell) - with a sheer on the inside. These curtains looked nice and they were in a 1993 Holiday Rambler.

Anyone out there having experience doing this or changing to these type curtains over and above the day/night things?

Bill & Judy