Shake down cruise


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Just got back from our shake down cruise with our 95 Brave. Found a few problems. Had 2 things that were working when we started out that broke. The usual, .... electric step motor and water heater E.C.O. The real problems that I found were of the insulation veriety. I found that they didn't insulate the rear fender wells and they sweat because of it. The other area was the front cap above the windshield had less than 1/4 inch of what looked like that white plastic packing material they wrap stuff in for shipping. So it looks like I'll be doing a little insulation work before the next winter trip. When I bought this thing at the begining of December, it only had 6855 miles on it, so I didn't expect any engine or tranny problems. What I did expect to happen was for the furnace motor to go out because it was making noise when we bought it. But it never failed.
We put 350 miles on it towing an escort on a dolly out to the coast to watch the winter storms roll in. Boy did they ever. One night we had to change spots because the wind was blowing 50MPH with gusts to 70. The thing rocked like we were having a party so we moved to a spot where we were nose into the wind. Didn't find any thing on the beach this time.