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I can tell you in about a month. I bought a set at about $25 each. Couldn't pass that deal up. I wasn't in a hurry to change them since mine aren't worn out, but I probably will before I go on my next long trip. I'll post a follow up here.
Re: shocks

michael mangine
Shocks are built to cover a given range of vehicles. What works great on one may not be the best choice on another.
Bilstein makes a good shock but they work the best under heavy type loads. If your vehicle is light in releation to the spring rate capacity they will give a very hard ride. If your vehicle is heavy in relation to the spring rate capacity, then they will dampen the ride very nicely. Monroe, KYB, & Bilstein are all good choices, which brand will work the best for your particular application??? Try them and then you will know for sure. I personally use Monroes on the front and Bilstein on the rear of my MH. Monroes were to soft on the rear and Bilstein were to hard on the front. So I installed what worked best in each position.
RE: shocks

hi browzin,i have a 02 31 chateau class c and pull a 8x18 trailer for my son's matocross racing. i was looking at the hd bilsteins for front and back or would i be better off with air bladders in the rear,
Re: shocks

michael mangine
From my experience Class C's normally tend to have heavy rears (lots of overhang & factory springs). Being you are towing a trailer as well (Now this is only a WAG "wild a$$ guess") I would personally go with the Bilstein and air bags in the rear. For the front, being its once again Class C with front eng plus over cab overhang weight (once again only a WAG) I would try the Bilsteins. If your happy with the performance that you received from the original shocks then I would go with Monroes for the front. Now remember like any thing else, one can only base there answers on the information they have to work with.