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We just got home from a 2500 mile trip and hit some bad roads and I think I felt
every litte bump in the road.Maybe always have but notice more this trip.
I have a Monoco with 44,000 miles and I would think the shocks would last longer than that.I've read about Konis shocks but hate to put new ones on if the same bump will still be there.
Could it be anytning else. Forgot also has 6 new tires


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Re: ???Shocks??

Bilstein shocks work really good. I don't know about availability on a Monaco. You'd have to check.

When they're bad, they're bad. Sounds to me like they are. If you feel "every little bump" that to me says it all, because that is what shocks are for. They let the wheel/axel move, but give them a soft landing.

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Re: ???Shocks??

Might also be the new tires. Are they the same brand as before? What about air pressure? At 44k the shocks probably will need replacing.


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RE: ???Shocks??

maybe you missed my post a while back but we changed our shocks on our 02 beaver santiam (monaco) to koni fsd shocks. they changed the ride quality to great! note: our factory installed shocks were not shot, but the change was well worth the money. smooth motoring :cool: