Shopping and Comparing

We are also looking at new Fifth Wheels. We have a 1996 Hitchhiker II and bought it used to see if we liked RVing, and we do so now we are looking to upgrade. We "heard" that the Montanas by Keystone are the most popular fifth wheels. At a Rvv Show we saw a Keystone rig called "Outback". Does anyone have any comments on this model? Are Keystone models as well built as Nu Wa's? We're looking at a price range of $25-35,000. Any and all comments and reviews appreciated.

C Nash

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Shopping and Comparing

Hi fishlips, The montanas are built using the caged aluminum construction and I think the Outback just has the aluminum studs ever three foot or so. The Montanas are popular in our area but, that is what the biggest dealer here sells. Nu-Wa's are supposed to be well built and insulated rv's but other than looking at them I have no personel experence but, did like the workmenship. Seemed to be well built and liked the winter pakage that was available. Did own a Cougar 5th wheel from Keystone and it served us well. The cougar and OutBack are similiar in construction and price and considered entry level rv's. Montanas most consider mid level.
Shopping and Comparing

fishlips, if your are choosing between Keystone and NU Wa, get the Nu Wa. Nu Wa is much better and can be used as a fulltime rig.