Short box or long box

I am going to be switching from my Class C to a fifth wheel this year and after much thought and shopping around have decided on the Chevy 2500HD extended cab 4x4 with the Duramax and Allison 6 speed auto transmission for my tow vehicle. The only thing I am undecided about is short box (6.5Ft) or long box, I really prefer the short box but don’t want to spend all that money only to find that I should have gone with the long box. I know about the basics, shorter wheelbase, need a sliding hitch etc, but I was looking for some input from you guys based on your experiences. I would appreciate any input, as I am sure that there are some things that I haven’t thought of


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Short box or long box

If you won't ever use the truck for anything else but towing and running around while your trailer is parked, and don't mind the extended pin box and/or sliding hitch required, than a short box may be more conveniant (I have the same truck with the long box and parking lots are not my friend).

However, if you want to carry long stuff or lots of stuff, the long box is king. I filled the front third of my bed with storage and a generator; great for towing, but leaving me the equivalent of a short box for carrying. Every trip to Home Depot was a challange :)

Now that I don't have the trailer any more, I took out that generator/storage compartment. I miss the storage, but Home Depot is a lot easier...
Short box or long box

I have a 2500HD crew cab s/box with dura/allison .I love it,it pulls like nothing else I've had. The s/bed is easier when your trying to back in with a 5er . Its about 1 ft shorter on the wheel base and it makes a big difference when backing and jack-knifing .extended pin is also a must though,and possibly a slider hitch too depending on the 5er. my truck doesn't have a slider but trailer has extended pin . my trailer also has enough room that I can almost jack-knife at right angles with out tagging the back window. I not happy with G M :angry: but I do like my truck. LEE