Should I buy a 1972 Revcon for $4000?

I'm a college student who needs a place to live. Rent sucks, so i want to buy an R.V. I found a 1972 Revcon that fits my budget, but i don't know much about them. Here are the details: It has the Olds Toronado 454 engine and transmission. The Odomoter says 57,000 miles. It has a 3 speed automatic and front wheel drive. The body looks straight and most of the interior is in good order. However, it does have a few leaks in the water supply and the air conditioning doesn't work. Is that a serious problem? It looks like it has been sitting for a number of years unused, but it started on my first try and seems to run well. The price is firm at $4000, which to me sounds like a pretty good deal. It could also cost me that much again if it starts to fall apart. The dealer told me Revcon is a good make. Is that true? I would appreciate any comments or help any of you lovely forum folk can provide
Should I buy a 1972 Revcon for $4000?

Where do you plan to park it if you bought it or anouther rv? Most campgrounds could cost as much as an apartment might. I would suggest you take it slow and do a lot of homework on the subject before you jump off into something that might hurt you in the long run. Good luck.

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Should I buy a 1972 Revcon for $4000?

I don't think parking will be a problem. I live in a rural area where everyone has a large yard or field that they would let me use. I think the biggest problem would be getting water and dumping waste. There are also a few R.V parks here, but you are right in that they are high priced. The biggest consideration for me is that i would be spending my rent money on something that actually belongs to me. A few years of rent would pay for it all. Homework, homework...
Should I buy a 1972 Revcon for $4000?

Talk with your friends and see if they will let you have a service for power put into their home and how much they want for electricity. I doubt they would want you to run the generator so you could have electricity. The same could be said for water and sewer. Take this decision slowly!

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