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went to a rv show saw a 2007 27foot summerland by springdale I loved the in side my question is are they made well and does 15,000 sound like a good price . thinking about buying it this weekend
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Sounds like you've got the new camper fever in a big way.....
First... what kind of tow vehicle do you have? I'm not attempting to discredit dealers, but I've found, after many years of RV'n, that too many sales people will assure you that whatever you're driving now will easily and safely tow whatever they are selling...Or what you're salivating over....
Don't go out this weekend and buy something only to come back Monday morning and ask "Will my MiniCooper tow this 35 foot heavyweight?". Neither come back and ask, "Did I really put one over on the dealer, or did I pay too much?".
Seriously now, what's your hurry? There are lots of rigs out there..
Take your time. The world will not implode if this one gets away from you. You need to do lots more looking and research. Price alone is not the major criteria. Bad service or no service is more important over the long haul than a few bucks saved on the initial purchase. How about the dealers reputation? What kind of warranty does the rig have? Have you visited the dealers showroom? Service facilities? Your first impression of a dealer when you approach his lot is usually vaild. Is the service area clean? Are the showroom and grounds well maintained? And this is just one persons opinion. Please consider others....
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I have a 350 Z71 chevy auto 350 pickup 4x4 I looked up there dealership on the internet it looked pretty good Im going to take your advise and check them out tomorrow. And ask about the warranty , what is a decent warranty on one? and do you think I'll have a problem towing with my truck.


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I think the Z71 is a 1/2 ton, right? and the 4x4 option reduces the towing capacity further.

Except for the newest 1/2 tons, generally you don't want to tow much over 5000 pounds with a 1/2 ton. And 27 feet trailers usually have a GVWR much higher than 5000 pounds. I had a 'light' 24.5 foot trailer which had a GVWR of about 7000 pounds...

Also, ultra light trailers tend to be ultra flimsey.
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I think everything should have a 1 year warranty. Air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, etc. are generally warranted by the manufacturers.
You really need to find out what the trailer weighs. Trailer weights are based on basic, dry weight. Any options, such as a/c, awning television set, microwave and for some manufacturers, even the spare tire is optional. The weights of these options, plus the weight of 2 full propane tanks can add to the basic dry weight in a flash....
Then you need to look at your owners manual for the real towing capacity of your truck. Again, that towing capacity is based on an empty truck, with a couple of gallons of gas and a 150 lb driver. When you add passengers, tools, and other things in the truck plus a 50 lb weight distributing hitch, you have to deduct ALL that weight from the trucks towing capacity. These things can become quite complicated, especially when towing a trailer with a marginal vehicle.
Also, towing in the flatlands of Kansas is quite different from the Smoky Mountains or the Rocky's. I'm neither trying to scare nor discourage you, but to make sure that when you do get a travel trailer, you'll be safe and comfortable towing it, otherwise it will become a very expensive driveway ornament...
Good Luck....
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You're doing the right thing asking here BEFORE you jump. Do your homework and ask lots of quesions. One more item, is where you tow. If you stay on the pavement and only stay in state parks or campgounds, that's one thing, but if you off-road a lot, you really need a hefty truck and a very substantial trailer....

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The 27 foot Trailer sounds a little big and heavy for a 1/2 ton pickup. I would think a limit of about 24 feet would be better. Also, the light weights are filmsy as John said. If you are only going to use it occasionally the light weights should hold up. On the other hand if you are going to be using it extensively then you want a well insulated and stronger/heavier constructed RV. That means a bigger heavy duty (3/4 ton) or newer 1/2 ton pickup.