Should this "category" be continued?

I was just browsing this category and have been wondering why it is even here? The last post here was made in June, and there are only 8 topics; in the first place. I do not deny that Class B's are also part of the RVing family, but I haven't seen too many of them in all my travels through the U.S.
I guess this would be a question better put to the site admins?JMHO
Is just an idea............meant no harm by it! John
Should this "category" be continued?

Class "B"s ARE the conversion-type vans, right? Or am I mistaken? I always get confused. For the longest time, I thought class B's were the travel trailers/ 5th wheels. Sorry if I was out of line. didn't mean to be, just was curious why so few people seem to have these things. John

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Should this "category" be continued?

Guess maybe you are right John. Though some of the class Bs conversions fans would jump in. They make great units for people that don't feel confortable driving the larger units and you see a lot of them at the college games. Great tail gateing units.

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Should this "category" be continued?

john class B's are like airstreams, they are the elite of the motor homes. we owners are so thrilled to be in them that we don't have a lot of time to be on the screen. just joking, there are other forums that have been around longer that have many postings per day. i just found this one yesterday. you are correct, there are fewer B's than A's and C's. I just got back from a 4,900 miles trip from here in Ohio to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyons. I saw only three pleasureway B's, and five roadtreks. but dozens and dozens of A's and C's. We had two A's while our children were growing up, now just the two of us, and the Pleasureway is perfect. Easy to handle, easy on fuel, can park it anywhere, has everything the A's had except all of the room. these are very comfortable units, and a lot of fun do drive. Test one if you ever have the chance, who knows, you may jump the fence.

RE: Should this "category" be continued?

As a new-b guy I defitiely have found this category extremely valuable. Like myself, many B owners seem to be interested in doing alot of travelling and not just living in the RV. I get 23-24 mpg and have everything in the van I need to travel for weeks at a time. Maybe the "B's" are out and about and not on line. BC :bleh:
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

RoadTrek last year sold there 10,000th Class B Motorhome. They have also came out with a 4x4 Quigley version. they have aso ben in buisness for 31yrs, Pleasure-Way 21 years, Leisure Travel Vans 23 yrs. The 3rd largest travel group in the FMCA is the RoadTrek travel group...Last year RoadTrek had a rally as they do many times a year, the company pays for everything except site fees, It was in Nashville and ther we more than 400 RoadTreks. If you want to se the travel club's upcoming events go to about 80% of class B owners have owned a larger RV...Now they dont have to tow a toad and can park anywhere,lisence it as a truck,22-24mpg,and they have a second car...There is over 200 class B dealers in the country, I think you need to get out more John..cheers! Here are a few more companies Producing class B Motorhomes
there are more...
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Thanks for listing the manufacturers of Class B's. I'm researching them to purchase one within the next year. Did you purchase yours new or used?
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

So what if there are only 8 catagories. Why should that bother you? If you're not interested in class B's, then just ignore this section. You never know when info posted here will be of great value to someone. I tow a travel trailer and have no interest in a class A, B nor C. Others do, so I seldom read any posts there...
The value of this catagory is shown by Bettylu's above post....
fjohn56, I respect your opinions but you just admitted you don't (or didn't till recently) know what a class B was and now you want to eliminate the section?????
I don't mean to sound caustic, but geesh!!!!!!
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Ya'll don't need to get real excited. The original post was in 2002. fjohn56 is long gone.

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Subject: Should this "category" be continued?"
RE: Should this "category" be continued?

Heavens......I just joined this group to learn more about Class B "stuff", and the first thing I saw was this.......Pleeezzzeee.....

Just purchased PW Excell TS. Going out my 2nd trip this afternoon.....just an overnight to find out how to do some stuff. It's chilly, so one might be to run the little furnace.
The other is to learn how to dump.
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Welcome to the forum, Scotty. We're just havin' some fun.

Start your own post on something you like about a Class B and maybe you'll generate some heat! :laugh:

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Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Check out Good Sam's Highways magazine this month (APRIL). Article "Cruise in a Class B". The 50 plus crowd are buying and a lot of Class A owners are downsizing. The article claims the average Class B owners travel on average 18,000 miles per year, whereas, Class A owners travel 6,000 miles per year. Could it possibly be that Class B owners drive the Class B to sight see at their destination and the Class A owners drive their dinghy when they are at their destination?

Anyway it appears the Class B's are beginning to catch on and are selling fast. The newest version built on a Dodge Sprinter chassis with a Mercedes-Benz diesel is quite a nice little RV.
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

We just looked at an 07 Pleasure Way Plateau today after trying to decide between a 2004 Gulfstream B Touring Cruiser (that we could get from the owner..only 4200 miles!) and an 06 Gulfstream Vista that was new, but marked down.
We LOVED the Plateau and expect we will be purchasing it this week. The size is perfect for us (our 4 kids are either married and grown or in college)... so just our dogs and us! We are excited by the possibilities this size 'camper' offers us. The Plateau is one of the ones with the Mercedes diesel we wanted (as does the Vista) but the interior really decided us. Love it! Can't wait to get it!
Does anyone here have a PleasureWay and what has been your experience with them? (real quick, before we buy! :) )
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

Doesn't sound like anyone could talk you out of it anyway! ;) Not that there's any reason to, but (forgive the expression) take cold shower then go back to the dealer and REALLY look that RV over.

Look in the cabinets, pull on the doors and bang on the pipes. Treat it 'like a fifth grader' would treat it while it still belongs to the dealer. Pull and poke and prod right up to the point where they're wanting to throw you off the lot!

Don't wait until you get it home to 'fold the bed out' and find out it interferes with the doorway! ;) (Not that it really does.)
Re: Should this "category" be continued?

That's very good advice and we will do all of that.
(and you are right about the cold shower, too! This RV purchasing can get pretty exciting, can't it!! ) :laugh:
RE: Should this "category" be continued?

As far as the thread being discontinued... I guess it's NOT... survived 5 years past that first post... Anyway, I stumbled on to the RVUSA Site by googling "INTERVEC"... I just purchased My First RV (of any kind or class) it's a 1991 Falcon... I've been tenting for years... and Now I can pull my skooter and Not worry about setting up a tent in the glow of a MAGlight flashlight...

I do want to get some advice, and direction on this Van and if anyone can point me to the right thread, discussion board or resource... GREAT... Thanks
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