Shower stopped up

Ok I was running my kitchen sink at a slow pace to keep it from freezing up here in Memphis yesterday. I woke up this am and the tub was full of water and came out onto the floor. I took buckets and got the water out of the tub but the drain is still clogged. I do not use the shower at all and am wondering if I am missing a drain or something and that is why it backed up. Please any help on this would be appreciated.
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The first thing I think of is that your grey water tank valve is closed and you filled your tank overnight with the kitchen faucet.


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Did you find the gray water dump valve and get that tank emptied? I can't tell from the picture what motorhome you have but pretty much all of them have sepearte tanks for the black water(from the toilet) and the gray water, from the sinks and shower/tub.

How about letting us know what is happening?
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I apologize for the delay. It has been a very long couple weeks. I did get it all squared away with the help of a fellow rver and those on here. I appreciate all the help.