Showers / Interior heat

I am thinking of buy a pull behind 28-30ft. I noticed that some models say exterior shower. Wondering what that means? One I saw said that, but then I noticed it had a tub/shower inside. So I'm confused.

I plan to use it allot during the winter in Mo. so want a shower inside with hot water for sure. Also kind of curiuos about heating the interior. It gets prettycold in Mo. during the winter. Wondering how fast it burns through the gas tanks.

Appreciate any experienced advice. Thanks, Kevin
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Exterior shower means there is an extra shower head located outside the TT. It comes in handy if you are returning from a sandy area and want to wash off before going inside your trailer. I use mine to wash down my dogs on really hot days.
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The word "shower" might be confusing you. There's no enclosure, just a hose with a spray head on it.

The external shower is a neat thing to have, but it isn't anything that you couldn't do with a water hose.

Mine's about 20 feet too far from my doorway to be very useful so don't make it a deal breaker, Kevin.
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Thank you for clearing up that shower issue for I was thinking it was going to be mighty cold showering outside in the Thanks again, Kevin


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Your neighbors will probably prefer that you shower inside too, but they can be quite handy. We really don't use ours much, but I do use it to wash up after I empty the waste tanks and to wash the dog.

On the issue of heat, that will depend upon just how cold, how windy it is and how well insulated the trailer is. As long as the temperatures are above freezing you will probably have no problems in keeping it warm and the propane will last fairly well. With a trailer, you could have any size bottle from 10# to about 30# and you may have either one or two bottles. One nice thing is that with a trailer it is very easy to change to a larger bottle that you can set on the ground and then use an extra that you carry with you which may be too large to mount where the normal ones belong.


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We use the outside shower for washing the sand off at the beach (grandkids) before going inside. Works great. Don't like my Class A LP tank, cause I cannot take it to fill it. Either gotta totally disconnect or try to find someone to come to me. If you don't have an outside shower, I use a splitter on the water line and connect an extra hose to it for using it to wash off sand, etc.., most campgrounds don't like you to wash your rigs using "city" water but don't mind if you use their well water (stinks).