Sidewinder hitch & a Short bed


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I have run across a sidewinder hitch for a 5er, all info on it states that you can use it on a regular 5th wheel hitch no slider.. Question is this true ? It is made mainly for short bed trucks in turn will give you a tighter turning radius. Does anybody know this for a fact? Any info will b greatly appreciated.. I'm about to buy a 5er and I have a short bed would like to keep it clean. I know about the B&W hitch and also about the Reese Signature model. If the sidewinder does as it suppose to then this is the way I want to go without the slider.

So who knows about the Sidewinder ..Who has 1, who likes it, who dislikes it,



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Re: Sidewinder hitch & a Short bed

We have a 2007 Everest and it came with a sidewinder on it. We tow it with a 2006 Duramax with a 18k Signature series hitch. We have gone about 2k miles so far and have had no problems with it. It can be hooked up and unhooked from the truck at any angle.