Sierra 355RLT Fifth wheel


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I'm considering buying a Sierra 355RLT and would appreciate any comments people may have on the Sierra line manufactured by Forest River...Thanks



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Sierra 355RLT Fifth wheel

I think I would pass on any Forest River product but thats just my opinion. You need to ask a few questions before you buy. One thing you should ask is what kind of weather will my trailer be in most of the year. If you are going to be in an arid area then a stick built trailer is fine. Howerver if you are going to be in a rainy or humid area you should look at aluminum framed trailers. Of course this only applies if you plan to keep it for more than 5 years. I live and work in western Washington. The only temperate state with a natural rain forest. I have seen trailers built in the Oregon desert gain over 100# by obsorbing water out of the atmosphere. Water + Wood = Rot.