signs telling names of rv owners ..

Wanting to know if anyone has any info or pics of the signs rv'ers place in front of the rv while visting a campsite telling the names of the people and such.....these signs look crafty and some a very neat ...does anyone have information where we can buy one or how to make them....trying to get hubby to either buy one or make it...thanks so much for all your help ...
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signs telling names of rv owners ..

You can usually find people at craftshops that will custom make these signs for you.

Dramel tool and board will also work :laugh:


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signs telling names of rv owners ..

There is usually someone making these wooden signs at the RV shows. I think they are usually made out of a redwood board and then routed out with the letters painted black. I made a sign with my computer, laminated it, and put it in the front window of our Trailer.
signs telling names of rv owners ..

We just received our yesterday and are tickled pink with it. We will be adding a couple of coats of polyurethane this weekend to make sure that it is well protected from the elements as we camp. Go to They have a great selection, will let you customize, and the service is just FANTASTIC. We ordered ours via the web Sunday night, had a personal confirmation e-mail from the owner Monday morning and the sign was here when we got home from work on Friday afternoon!!! Quite reasonably priced (including shipping charges) as well :cool:

If you're looking for specialized RV shaped signs, etc. do a Google search for wood signs...I believe that Wood Signs of Gatlinburg and a few others have websites. However, they are quite "proud" of their products, as the prices reflect.

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signs telling names of rv owners ..

I contacted Terry after seeing a state shaped sign on her website. I wanted something different than the plain ones we could get at an RV show. She custom made one, 14 x 12, with our names on it in the shape of Ohio for $65. Did a really nice job. It's a real conversation piece - especially when we're camping out of state.
signs telling names of rv owners ..

I have been making signs like you are talking about for over thirty years. I do it strictly as a hobby.
The cost of lumber has gone up so high in the past ten years that I don't make signs very often anymore.

I used to charge $2 per foot for a 6" wide pine board and $1 per letter engraved into the board.

Now if I were to start up my hobby again, I don't really know what to charge.... I'll make a guess and say $3 per foot for the 6" wide board ($5 per foot for 12" wide ) and $1 per letter.

Example: My name.... The Harrelson's Carson City, Nevada

on a 12" wide board 18" long would sell for $38.50.... This would be for a "Plain Jane" with no staining, painting or wood burning, the customer would do that themselves. I would, however "router" the edge of the board so it would have a professional look.

Question... what's you guy's opinion of that price range ?? Is the price fair ?? Remember, I do this for fun as a hobby. All I want to do is cover the cost of material and buy gas for the truck and generator. Come to think of it, I might need a sandwich and soft drink also. :laugh:

Do think I could do anything down at Quartzsite this coming winter ??

I really would like your feed back.

signs telling names of rv owners ..

I've seen alot of these signs over the years, some were very nice. But, two years ago took all of mine down and off the RV. A good friend had his house broken into and emptied while on vacation, Thief was caught, guess how the thief found out no one was home....We still put out our name signs, nothing else....such as home town. The State, they can read on your plates and for some that is enough with the internet spy programs available today...I personally don't want to help them out... :)
signs telling names of rv owners ..

We get our 6 year old daughter to paint our names on larger rocks using water colours. Sometimes she will do one letter on one rock and spell it out that way. Always something new and fresh.
signs telling names of rv owners ..

Good point above about not listing your home location on the sign - never thought about that aspect. We didn't list ours mainly because we are probably going to relocate in the next year or so and didn't want to obsolete the sign.

Thanks to Westie Lover's post above, I went to the website and liked what I saw. Ordered a sign and had it in hand in about 4 or 5 days. I've put 4 coats of indoor/outdoor urethane on it in the hopes of preserving the original redwood look.