Silverado - A work of art on wheels!


Silverado is an RV that has been the 5 year long, labour of love project of a gifted Australian tradesman. The RV is built on a reconditioned and modified Dodge truck. It has a slick stainless steel shell but the inside is a treasure trove of rare Tasmanian and Australian timbers.

This is Silverado's first presentation to the public, for more about Silverado visit her web site at -

Offers and questions can be directed to the owver/craftsman via the above web site.

Happy RVing!
Silverado - A work of art on wheels!

Yeah, I'm just kidding around! That's a nice looking RV, but I don't understand why you are advertising it here in the States.
Silverado - A work of art on wheels!

No worries guys. Yeah I'm advertising it for my friend, the creator/owner and we figured its worth a shot becuase its so unique and such an art work that anyone who buys this thing won't be concerned about the shipping element. The photos just can't do it justice, stepping into this thing is like being transported back 100 years into a different world. It really is amazing!