siphoning gas from gas tank

i need to siphon gas from my tank to be able to store it safely. the neck to the tank has two 90 degree angles. i have tried a few hoses, but have been unable to reach the gas. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks


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What kind of motorhome? Does it have a drain fitting on the bottom of the fuel tank? Is there any other way you can get a hose into the tank without going down the filler neck?:)


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Please explain storing it safely. Almost MT tank is more dangerous than full(air fume mixture =explosive). Full tank = less condensation(water in gas). If for very long time total drain of tank would in the cards, at least over a year. If under a year full tank and the appropriate amount of Stabil a fuel preserver.


C Nash

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I agree with Len. Why drain? Tank is better left full with correct amount af fuel stablizer. Is there a safety factor of where you are storing the MH with full tank?