Skamper, how do I open?

OK, looks like no one has the info on how to open it up. Does anyone have any info on how OTHER pop ups open up? SOMEONE has to own a pop up.
Thanks for any useful information.
RE: Skamper, how do I open?

My Rockwood popup has 4 latches, one at each corner, that fasten the top to the body. You pull down on the latches to release them. After they're unlatched, I just insert the handle in the winch and start cranking to raise the top. Hope yours is similar.
Re: Skamper, how do I open?

My 06 Fleetwood Niagara pop up camper has four latches holding the roof to the body of the camper during travel. Once on site and leveled side to side, I simply unlatch, grab the crank and crank 'er up 51 or so turns.