Skunk Deodorant....

Here is a great skunk deodorant. It works, now. A mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and a little liquid dishwashing soap. It's about a mixture of two small bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide, One half typical small box of Baking Soda, and one tablespoon of dishwashing soap. Just use common sense in the mixture. Keep it liquidy.
Using one large bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide should be enough for two people. This stuff works right now. No waiting. :)

On the humorous side: If you don't have enough with you for that one last person. Just tie him to the rear bumper while you drive to the store for more. Remember to buy enough to wash the rear bumper too. :laugh:

Skunk Deodorant....

Sounds like it might just do the trick Birddog,

I remember when my dog got "skunked" a few years ago, I called the vet and he said to wash off with tomato juice... I did and by golly, it worked....
A year later it happed again and this time my wife bought a bottle of "de-Skunk" from the drugstore. It also worked and it actually was easier to use because the tomato juice was harder to wash off the dog.

Since then I have got rid of the dog and the wife,,,, no more skunk trouble ... hehehehehe :laugh: :laugh:
Skunk Deodorant....

I have to admit, John. I tried tomato juice. In my experience, it did help, but didn't really do the job. I found and tried the "recipe" I suggest here, one night after trying tomato juice. The mixture worked great. Have had to use it twice since. My bird dog does a good job of finding...everything....Doh!

Skunk Deodorant....

Ron, the trouble is with the type of birds your dog is hunting...
Ya gotta keep him away from crows and doves... the black and white colors are getting him confused so that anything black and white triggers his instinct to fetch..

:laugh: :bleh: