Skyline Nomad 3710... length?


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Hello all,
I am hoping that someone can help me. I saw the trailer and I really like it but there may be a problem. Our campsite has a 37' limit on trailer size and the dealer says the trailer is 37 feet and I have seen other ones, same model#, listed at that length too but I have also seen the length posted as 38' on some other websites. Well... which one is it? Any input on clarifying this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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Skyline Nomad 3710... length?

Usually the model number is less than actual length if you measure the trailer. I don't sell the Nomad, but I would take a guess the real length is about 38' or maybe 38'6". We have a Prowler on our lot right now that is called a 37 and the owner says it measures 38'6". I have not measured it, just going by the owner.

All manufactures seem to do this. Teton makes a fifth wheel that they call 40'. It really measures 46'6" rear cap to pin box. A friend of mine just bought one and it has been measured. I have been told they do this for California. There is apparently a state law against trailers over 40'. With 40 on the wall, it is hoped they are not stopped at the state line. If anyone has info. jump in, I have not been to CA.

You might be able to go to the Skyline website get more info.


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Skyline Nomad 3710... length?

We are a Nomad and Layton dealership.
The Model 3710 is a nice floor plan but the overall length is 38' 4"
If you take off the spare tire. With the spare you will need to add another 11"

Hope this helps... will give you the specs. on any of the skyline units.

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