Skyline trailers

Looking for information, good and bad on Skyline brand trailers. They are marketed under the names Nomad, Layton, and Aljo. I'm looking into purchasing a new trailer and this brand has sparked my interest. This will be my first purchase of a travel trailer. Looking at the new for 2001 and 2002 model 299 or the 310. Again I would like some input both good and bad from anyone.


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Skyline trailers


We had a 19ft 5th wheel Nomad and loved it. We never had any difficulties with it nor any real repairs in the 5 seasons we had it. The only reason we traded it in was because our family had out grown it, so we upsized. There are times I wish we still had it as it was a nice sized one for weekend camp trips. I would consider a Nomad in the future.

Hope that helped you.