Slapped Around by the Tire Monster


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Well, it happened! Sunday the DW badgered me to stop at MM 102 exit on I-90 west bound in Minnesota. A Starbucks was there! Superb backing by yours truely placed the unit at the edge of a grass strip for our used dog, "Jazz", to test trajectory and output ... OooRah Jazz!

Still snarling from the MoJo DW used to get me to stop, I did my usual walk around the coach and DANG! My forward driver side tire was pregnant ... Not just pregnant but ready to give birth! Inspecting the other tires, two were overly beveled on the tread portions and the forth had some sidewall "issues" beginning to show. Separations and delaminations all!

Thank God for DW's suggestion ... I'm humbled ... we'd not been able to go another ten miles

As background, we carry a HD compressor (120lb) and are religious about checking the tire pressure before each move. We're good about loading even though he coach seems to have all the heavy installed "stuff" along one side. And, we don't drive over 60 MPH even when we'd like to ... this was just bad karma I think.

Spent all day today doing phone tag between the tire manufacture rep (actually a very nice lady) and every tire dealer within 100 miles. Could not find a single tire that was not panned Big Time on the internet for some sort of catistrophic blow out. The only available choices remained some no-name Chinese tires (nope ... still ticked off about my Dear Uncle freezing in Cho-san Korea), Titans (nope ... too much bad press) or same sized Goodyear Marathons. Bad, bad press here too but we had to roll with four of something. Even whined a bit on Ken at Grandview's shoulder before I spent the bucks ...

Original Manufactures rep (the nice lady) offered up a large portion of the tire price based on our less than year old rubber ... TBC Towmax ST235/80R16 "E's" BUT,

Why the heck aren't there more choices or even higher rated ones? :(