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What are y'alls thoughts on slide awnings?

The slide on my JayFeather includes my sofa and dining room. Is it beneficial to get one of these on my slide? I've heard mention of them and from my understanding, they help keep debris and water off the top of your slide. Is it worth it? What ballpark figure am I looking at as far as $$ goes and how long do they last? Do I have to maintain it if I get one (clean it, treat it, etc)? What are the better brands to look for if I get one? Any info you have about these would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Slide Awning

Mine was around $300 installed. Besides what you said it seems to keep the inside cooler. Will always have a slide awning from now on I have a carefree. It is like your front awning, it needs cleaning every once ib a while

DL Rupper

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Re: Slide Awning

Most of the ones I've seen droop in the middle and collect debris on top and underneath (wind blown). I have seen some that have a bow in the middle that looks like it keeps the debris off the top of the awning, but still have debris that blows underneath.

I climb up on top and sweep my slide off before bringing it in for travel. However, my days of climbing on top are numbered, so I will probably have to find another solution or put a slide awning on my rig.

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Re: Slide Awning

We install very few slide toppers. If you like them, you must have them. If not, you don't miss them.

The biggest problem with them is water. It will accumulate and pond up as it rains. Go into campgrounds and you can see balls shoved between the topper and roof of the slide to force drain off. Some new models have rafters that prevent sagging but they cost more, of course.

They will keep pine needles, leaves and small twigs off the roof of the slideout, but like DL says, some debris will blow under anyway.

C Nash

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Re: Slide Awning

I have owned both ways and would not have another without. I would recommend the type that also serves as topper and window awning because they can be pulled down tighter and prevent water pooling. Yes, I have had problems such as stiching rotting and having to be resewed but, anything worthwhile will be something else to give trouble. Never had to clean anything out before retracting so far.