Slide HELP ???

[Dave] We recently purchased our first trailer with a slide. It&#039s a Coachman 29fls. We leave this trailer in storage and have it taken out approx once a month to camp in when we visit the beach. The problem is when are setting up and after electrical hook-up, ...the slide will not operate for about 20-30 minutes. It&#039s like the battery is having to charge or something. After that initial time frame, the slide is functional and works fine. But on first try, it will only move out about 3-4 inches and stop. Any ideas...suggestions...Should I be disconnecting the battery when we leave to try to keep it from draining if that is the problem ? Dave
Slide HELP ???

[gdauth] Sure sounds like the battery. If you have a battery disconnect switch, use it. There are things like the propane gas detector that are connected to the battery that will drain it. Also, charge the trailer battery before you take off on your trip.
Slide HELP ???

[keith (macgyver34)] Tom: If your batteries have gone down all the way two or more times it is hard to get back at full charge. If it is a altra slide they should have two batteries at all times. At first the motor is at high amps right at first. If your motor is controled by a board it may need to be adjusted for amp draw. E-mail if the new batteries do not help.