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Just bought a new Newmar 35 ft. fifth wheeler, and I am a newbie at Rv'ing? After dealer prep, I used it one weekend as a "trial run" to see what was happening and what might go wrong.

On extending or retracting the slides (I have three), there seemed to be excess noise, so I looked under the slides. They are rack and pinion type with long screw mechanism running parallel on each side of the slide. These screw guides have no lubrication at all on them. They are as dry as can be, with simple metal against metal as they screw in and out.

When I contacted the salesman at the dealership, he told me that if grease is put on these screws, they pick up dust, dirt, and road debris, but it does not seem logical to have metal against metal on these mechanisms. Who is right? I say lubirication, and he says they do not need to be lubricated. I think that he is just stalling me to make it apparant that they did not mess up with the dealer prep job.

Please help me before I take it back for the few dealer adjustments that need to be make on the unit. I'm new at this, and do not want to be jerked around.


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Slide Mechanisms

Hi buckbs, why not call Newmar direct and ask them, I would say if you never drive on gravel roads you maybe ok greasing them, but if you drive on drit/gravel you could be in for problems. You could try a greaseless lube such as LPS 1, it will lubericate and may not collect the drit as readilly. Good luck:)

Happy trails GB

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Slide Mechanisms


Was told also not to put lube on my slide because of dirt build up. Was told to use dry lube products, have been using one made by Protect All and it works quit well.

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Slide Mechanisms

Hi buckbs,
The gears and teeth move so slow that there is very little friction so, greese is not necessary. It would be worse to have lube with grit it in working like sand paper. There is a dry slide lube made for the slides and sold at rv stores. Most of the noise I have in mine comes from the seals sliding on the sides. All (JMO)

Chelse L. Nash