Slide Motor, Flagstaff 28 fbs fifth wheel


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:( We purchased the above listed coach the end of 2004 used it in 2005 and the second time in 2006 we started having trouble with our slide. When my husband looked at the motor, he took the boot covering off and the whole area was full of water. very poor design, anyone else have this problem?

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RE: Slide Motor, Flagstaff 28 fbs fifth wheel

Hi Nina511, welcome to the forum. Who makes the Flagstaff (Manufacturer). I guess that question will let you know that it isn't one of the better known RV's. There are so many different makes/models of RV's that the only way to understand the variables of design is to know the manufacturers name or alias. :evil: There are only about 5 manufactures that make good upscale RV's, about 3 good manufactures that make good mid-scale RV's and not very many that make good entry level RV's. Generally you get what you pay for.

The best way to determine which manufactures are the best is to read the RV action lines and clinic or technical performance departments in the RV magazines. If I never hear any derogatory information about a certain brand, I know they must be good or performing exceptionally well. However, if I read about numerous warranty or other problems encountered by the customers with a certain brand, I then know I don't want any of their products. Works pretty well for me.

I take this to the extreme by also reading the RV forums and try to weed out different brands by how many other forum members complain about a brand. For instance I will now put Flagstaff on the suspect list. If I hear 1 or 2 more complaints about Flagstaff, I will know wheather or not to advise forum members pro or con on the brand. Sometimes RV owners rave about their particular purchase and that in turn places that brand up high on my recommendation list.


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RE: Slide Motor, Flagstaff 28 fbs fifth wheel

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