Slide out - mice/leaks/long term storage advice?


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Hello all -

I've searched the archives, but can't seem to find a lot of info on the particular aspect of slide outs I'm looking for, so here goes...

I'm going to get a trailer for use on a ranch. Basically, it will remain/be used out there in the boondocks (no electricity, etc.) 98% of the time. I like the idea of a slide out, but my biggest concern is critters or H20 getting in. (mice are plentiful). I just don't know anything about slide outs other than what I've read here. I'd like to have it set up "cabin style", and not have to extend the slide out every time I go to use it. Since I can't go in the "back yard" and check on it often, the prospect of water or critters having their run of the house over an extended period makes me nervous, and it seems like I'd be introducing more ways for both to get in with a slide even if I seal up every other crack/crevice with caulk, steel wool, or foam. So, in a nut shell, here's my questions:

1) How long can I leave the slide out without risking harming the mechanism? (weeks? months? etc.)

2) How impervious are the seals (both extended and retracted) to water and critters?

Again, I'd like the space, I'm not that concerned with the weight, but I'm just unsure how well they work for the type of scenario I have. Thanks for the input.