slide out problems

I have, as you might guess, a Sandpiper by Forest River. I've had no leaks from my slides, but my main slide does not want to engage every time to open. I have had no problems wiht the smaller slide. The first time it did it I took it in, but it would not repeat the problem, so they greased it. It worked fine but now is beginning to malfunction more often. It will click when you push the button to open but it seems like the gears are not lining up corectly to push the slide out. Has anyone had any of these problems and if so maybe you can offer a solution. I have read somethings lately about the jacks being lowered to stabilize the unit, but this makes no sense when you are at a dump station. Help if you can.
Re: slide out problems

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sounds like the slide is coming in too far and sticking. Check the stop and see if you can adjust it out just a little. A 1/4" might just do it.
Re: slide out problems

Sounds like it may need adjusting. The adjustments are the large bolts on the outside edge underneath the slide. Its best to have someone who has done it before try to do it. It doesn't take much adjustment to make the changes.