Slide out squeals


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Greetings all.

This is my first year pulling a 5th wheel. We just got in a couple of months ago, and I love it! My question is, I have noticed that when I put the slide out, it squeals a little now. This started a couple of trips ago, and I don't hear it from other peoples slides. I looked underneath, and notice the slide outs square brace bar (don't know the correct term) is contacting the sleeve as it deploys. It will only do this about midway on the bar. Is this normal?
Being there is no grease on the bar, I assume that I shouldn't put a light coat on. There isn't any problems occurring as a result of the contact. Might it have been knocked out of alinement?
Any suggestions?



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Slide out squeals

I would but first I would get up under there and have someone push the button to slide the slide out. Listen to hear where the squeal is commin from. Put a bit of grease on er and try it again. Sight down the square tubein and see it is straight. My guess is she just needs a bit of TLC. I have seen a few slides and as I remember they were greased.



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Slide out squeals

If it's that new, I'd be hauling it back to a dealer and let them fix it under warranty!


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Slide out squeals


I would think you definitely should lube the bars. The Sunnybrook has a gear wheel on the trailer frame and the rails have slots. I use white lightning grease and apply with a tooth brush. extend the unit as far out as it will go, apply, retract fully, apply. This assures you get both ends.

If you are concerned with lubes that may collect dirt, you might try just WD40 to see if the problem is in the rails. It may be somewhere else, but I personally would still lube where ever metal meets metal.

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Slide out squeals

Drummerman, it could also be the seals rubbing on the sides of the room as you go out. Your owner manual should give the proper lubes for the seals, slide bars or rack and pinion. Greese does tend to attract dirt but, worse to be dry (IMO).

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