Slide out stabilizers to stabilize rear of motorhome


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I have a 31' Coachmen class C motorhome, and although it has almost all the bells and whistles, the original owner did not get the RV with stabilizers. Since the rear of the RV is quite long, it shakes a bit when people are walking around in the unit. Has anyone used the slide out stabilizers to mount under the rear bumper, to help stabilize the unit? If so, what has been the results? This is the type that I am wondering about - I read the customer comments, but didn't actually find any comments that address anyone actually trying them. They seem like a quick and easy solution to the stabilizing issue.
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Dalton Bourne

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I bought these Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack jacks for my 8,000 lb 36' travel trailer to stabilize it while camping. The electric stabilizing jacks on the camper didn't seem to help much with the bouncing and swaying from people walking around. But, these RV stabilizers completely resolved the problem. With four on each side and space equally distributed, there were almost zero movements. I love its durable cast aluminum construction because it shouldn’t have any issues preventing rust or corrosion from occurring with this construction.
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What I did with them instead was to use these in conjunction with the existing camper, a 33-footer, to augment the stabilizers and X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers to get rid of more of that side-to-side motion that tends to plague campers. I mounted them around the midway point on the camper and it did indeed remove a good portion of the side-to-side rocking. I just had to make sure there was nothing trapped between the top of the stabilizer and the side/bottom of the camper frame.