Slide out topper holds condesation water from a/c

We are finding that the large slide out for the dining and sofa causes the gutter above to slightly drop when open. Thus the condesation from the a/c overfills the gutter and water then overflows onto the slide out awning topper and pools. Any suggestions on how to prevent the pooling and any suggestions on the depressed gutter The gutter are definitely not filled...this is a new travel trailer and it's on it's maiden voyage...granny and 2 grandkids are there for the week.
Re: Slide out topper holds condesation water from a/c

You have just addressed one reason why I don't like slide toppers.

Since this is a new trailer, take it back to your dealer and have the gutter strengthened. May just need a few more screws. He could even raise it a little over the slide.

As far as the topper holding water, after the gutter is fixed, you will find that rain water will do the same thing. I have seen many people slide a basket or volley ball down the slide to force water runoff.


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Re: Slide out topper holds condesation water from a/c

After you have had your trailer for a while, you will learn how much to allow for the weight of the slide when you are leveling side to side. You can even control the run off of the air conditioner by making your trailer very slightly off level, either front to back or side to side. You would want the side without the slide just slightly lower. This ordinarily cannot be felt but will channel the water to which ever side you want it to go. This is what we do when we spend the winter in Florida. Hope this helps a bit. :)


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i agree with barneys ,, but since i own a class A ,, i do kinda the same for the a/c run off ,, i do not have slides ,, but my a/c drain water will accumulate on my awning ,, but if i jack the MH a little to the opposit side or front and back ,, the a/c's drain fine and no pooling on the awning ,,, ;) :approve: :approve: