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We have a 2000 DP Bounder and cannot get our slide out to deploy. We have checked the battery power, the fuses, and the switch and all are good. What could be the problem?


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Did it work fine the last time used it ,, the slide that is ,,, u mayhave jarred some wiring loose under the coach ,, i would ck under and around where the problem slide is and see if somethingy didn't come loose ,,, u should have a manual crank to put the slide in and out ,,, not reallly sure where u'rs might be but look for that also ,,, and if u find it ,, try cranking the slide out by hand ,,, please post back on u'r findings :) ;)


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Did you use a meter to make sure that there is power to the switch and to confirm that it opens and closes? Did you check the fuse with a meter also? A fuse can look OK and still be open. Since it would seem that your slide worked just fine when you put it in, that would make it seem to be something that has changed. What kind of power does your slide use? Is it hydraulic, electric or ?? Have you checked to see if anything attempts to move at all?

To give any answer based upon the little you have told us means a guess at best.
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The last time we used it we had a hard time getting the slide out put back in. We ended up having to turn on the engine and let it run for about 15 minutes. We know that there is a manual crank, but we have not tried that yet. (We are waiting for this weekend when we have some time.
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I have a slide on my Rexhall Aerbus 3250. It is very particular. No matter what, if I don't lower front and back levelers, and just barely touch the front one down- even with the unit at an angle it won't work. If I do anything different, than described it won't work. If I do this and open it for more than 30 minutes, I have to lift the levelers and lower the back and then just touch down the front and it will close.
When I bought this unit, I was told that slide outs can be a big problem. However, if I followed this process, it would always work and I have never had any issues as long as I followed the steps. my $.02