Slide Outs

I just bought a new 06 GeorgieBoy. There are 2 slide outs. They leak cold air like crazy. They are not even with the foor. The question I have is, Are you supposed to see the rollers from the inside of the coach? Do they all leak air? I'm a new RV owner and so far in 3 months I have had more problems the this RV is worth. Is this a normal thing?
Just confused!!

C Nash

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Re: Slide Outs

Are you running the slide all the way out? Most all later models will drop and be even with the floor when fully extended. We have a HR Vacationer with two slides and they seal top, sides and bottom when fully extended. Problems, yes you will have them. I know of no make that you should not expect to have problems with. What kind of problems have you had? I have not had any more problems with my MH than with my stick built homes and they are never moved.
Re: Slide Outs

Yes they are all the way out. They sit up about 2" above the floor. The side closer to the driver chair you can see light under it. Also we took it to Ohio and about froze. The heater didn't keep us warm at all. We had to buy a heater at wallmart. The heater duct is just below the thermstat on the wall. The only place it was warm was there. No heat in front of coach at all. It was cold. I would have taken back to Georgie Boy in IN but it was just to cold to stay in it anymore then what we had to. Well it's back at the dealer and I hope they fix it all.
Re: Slide Outs

Yes it is. But it seems that the 06 slide out had it's problems. So in 07 the redid the slideout and so they have to redue ours. But the Dealer says it should be fine. Thank goodness for the Lemon Law if need be.